WDG Keys to the Combine

Do you want to make the NBA 2K League Draft Pool? Here are some tips from Coach Pat to get you through the combine:

  1. If you have the capabilities, try to stream your games.
  2. Engage with coaches, players and team staff before you stream. Give them an extra nudge to look at you.
  3. The most important statistic is winning. Don’t play selfish. Get your whole team the win. Do NOT quit out of games.
  4. Communicate with your team. All coaches are looking to see who would be a good fit for their team.
  5. Be smart on social media. Teams see what you tweet. Be professionals.
  6. Be one of the first to drop your stream link when teams ask. Coaches are more likely to go through that thread to find games.
  7. Don’t forget to use #RunTheDistrict for us to find you!

Good luck! #RunTheDistrict